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A Publishing Leader Since 1993

Connect with the next generation of nurses with StuNurse!

All publications are printed and complimented with an on-line version.

Reaching over 350,000

Nurses & Faculty Nationwide

Published three times during the year:




StuNurse is distributed across the campuses of accredited nursing programs nationwide. For more than 14 years, it has stood out as a resource for aspiring and current nurses advancing their education. It offers a unique and inspiring collection of articles and resources that help student nurses succeed in the classroom and prepares them for success as professional nurse. Over the years, nurse faculty have incorporated StuNurse articles into classroom discussions and lesson plans.  

With its nationwide distribution, StuNurse will help you stand out regionally and nationally.

  • Nurse employers:  Distinguish your organization as a nurse employer, placing a high value on the role of nursing while promoting opportunities for new grads.

  • Schools of Nursing:  Promote nursing tracks and enhance your visibility as a leading nurse educator in your region.

  • Nursing students:   Include StuNurse in your plan of lifelong learning and career advancement.  Subscribe today to receive your digital copy of each StuNurse.


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